The Importance of DevOps

What Is DevOps?

DevOps (A combination of development and operations) is an approach or methodology that enables faster development and deployment from within teams. It encompasses a range of concepts from development to continuous integration and monitoring.

In short, it enables companies to create and improve products faster than traditional development methods.

Why Is It Important?

Constant changes in user behavior and market trends require organizations to make rapid changes to their products to remain marketable.

With an effective DevOps implementation, organizations can begin to introduce:

  • Continuous delivery of software,
  • Better collaboration between teams,
  • Easy deployment,
  • Better efficiency and scalability,
  • Errors are fixed at the initial stage,
  • More security, &
  • More automation, meaning less manual intervention

All of these points individually can and will make a difference to now only how individual teams work, but how the whole organization can function. Combine all of these points and all of a sudden your organization is reaching highs you may not have expected to have reached for years.


DevOps can bring a lot of benefits, but it’s not easy to implement across the organization. Because of the culture involved, it can take a long time to break down barriers and foster a culture of fluid communication. Change must come from the top. Implementation of the new system may encounter various forms of resistance. Given the uniqueness of different work environments, there is no one-size-fits-all way to implement DevOps across the organization. Organizations should research which approaches are best for their situation.

Cameron Ofoluwa

Cameron Ofoluwa

22 Year Old Salesforce Developer @ Pogust Goodhead & Founder of SFDXHours.

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