Creating New Users, The Easy Way

Are you tired of seeing the ‘New User’ message from HR and having to go through the laborious process of creating a new User in Salesforce

Introducing Clone This User. CTU is a free app from the AppExchange that easily allows Administrators to easily clone users.

Clone This User adds functionality in numerous places around your org to search for a User to use as a template for a new user. It then opens up the ability to simultaneously assign the new user to Permission Sets, Permission Set Licenses, Public Groups, Queue Memberships & much more!

To begin, you’ll want to navigate to the User you are wanting to clone, this will typically be someone in the same business area as the new starter. Doing this will decrease the number of fields you have to modify and apply all of the correct Permission Sets, etc… if decided to clone.

Once you are on the page, you’ll notice a new ‘Clone‘ button appear under the Custom Links section.

After hitting ‘Clone‘ you’ll be introduced to the screen where you are able to modify the new User’s details, similar to the traditional New User screen Salesforce offers natively.

Down the right-hand side, you’ll notice a bunch of checkboxes that allow you to control what is cloned to the new user, and what is not. You are also presented with actions to perform on the User record that is being used as the template ranging from deactivating the original User to sharing their Reports & Dashboards.

Once you’ve modified the fields and selected what actions you are wanting to perform, you can finish off the process by either hitting ‘Save‘ or ‘Save And Clone Again‘ to run through the process again for yet another new User.

Hopefully this article saves you some time when it comes to creating new Users, you can view CTU on the AppExchange here or visit the developer’s website here.
Cameron Ofoluwa

Cameron Ofoluwa

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